My favorite definition of Authenticity is when your Human Self and Soul Self align. My goals for you are to
Become your own best friend, find your power within, become aware and eliminate patterns that are not serving you and then watch your outside world begin to shift in harmony!

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“Nikki was so spot on with everything she told me in my reading. She’s really tapped into something incredibly special. She suggested a few things that would align my life more efficiently and within a couple of days I saw major changes! My two favorite things about her are: 1) her goal is to get you self sufficient. Not reliant on her. And 2) she guides you with so much compassion and love. There’s no judgment to be found. So grateful I got to experience her gift!” 


“Nikki Hayden is a bright light that glows from within and can’t help but beam that light on to others. Her insight and intuition has been invaluable to me and I truly believe she was put on this earth to be a healer. Her sessions with me have always been spot on and exactly what I needed, even when I didn’t know what that was. She is an angel among us and I am so glad she is a guide on my path”


“Aside from being one of the kindest and most generous humans I’ve ever met, Nikki is also insanely intuitive. She has an extremely gentle approach, and I feel completely safe letting her lead me through what can often be scary and vulnerable territory. I also know that she’s not just going through the motions; she’s truly and genuinely invested in helping people. Our success is her success.”


“Working with Nikki will change your life. Fact. She is spiritually and intuitively connected to a world most of us are closed off from. This world is all around us, sending us signals, guiding us, teaching us, but most of us are unable to see and hear any of these. We’re missing these important lessons and missing out on all the personal growth we could be experiencing! Nikki, in a humble, not pretentious, loving and kind way acts as a liaison between us and this spiritual world. Her assistance can be small and inconsequential (should i buy this dress???) or huge and vital (why did I get in this car accident??). Nikki can help you understand the world around you, decode the messages being sent to you and also find and clear any negative energy you may have on you that is, unbeknownst to you, holding you down. Nikki is basically a living, breathing crystal ball. She happens to also be an infectiously good person who you want around you at all time, even if she didn’t hold the keys to the whole spiritual world. If you’re working with Nikki, wait for your life to unfold right before your eyes.”


“Nikki has strong intuition that has helped guide me to a more balanced life. Her technique is something that is easy to practice and integrate into your daily routine. Her healing energy and commitment to her clients is incomparable!”


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